Facts about St1 in Sweden

• We have about 340 employees in Sweden, including approximately 200 in the refinery operations

• We employ a total of about 2,000 people

• We have a refinery in Hisingen in Gothenburg, one of the world's most energy efficient

• We provide 20 % of the Swedish refinery capacity

• We are one of the four large fuel companies in Sweden with a market share of about 20 %

• We have about 500 stations

• Our turnover 2014 was  38,7 billion SEK


• Oil Refining

• Custody and supply chain

• Petrol station operations under St1 and Shell brand

• Corporate market

• Bunker Sales

Acquisition of Shell's operations

Moste of Shells operations are included in St1 since December 2010. Service stations and stations for heavy traffic operated under the Shell brand under a trademark license.


You can read more about St1 Nordic on st1.eu